May 03, 2012


I am planning to go thrift shopping this May since I am thirsty and longing to go and rummage thrift racks.

Geez I am excited as flower in my shop's relaunching sometime in June or July.
I am now formulating new ideas for my upcoming collection.
Many request for a part 2 of some of my collections (shorts collection && braided bracelet) so I must prioritize this two.
Plus plus, I am collaborating with some local bloggers who have contacted me and requested to sponsor them and that was just so AWESOME, right?
There are a lot of ideas swimming inside my mind right now on what to do next in my shop and I just can't spill the beans, 'cause you know, ideas are better kept than ... well, whatever, never mind.

Oh by the way, I am already one of them, had an Instagram account already which I share with my sister and I haven't fully tried it yet since I am busy in my internship, just wanna let you guise know as if you care. LOL.

I miss blogging every single day of my life.
I miss taking photographs and my Percy Jackson.
I miss playing dress up and randomly take a picture of myself.
I miss pretending I have wavy hair.
I miss spending some time creating a post.
I miss doing my DIYs.
I miss my old self && life.


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