July 04, 2012

Doodle Noodle

*Cause I can't think of a better title. I suck at this part. I know.*

Doodle overload on Ariel's notebook by c'est moi.

This is the time where we can do all the things we should have done at home, like home works. Haha.

Soundtrack when I'm running late: I'm walking on sunshine ohhhh... La la la la.. 

Making tambay at the library -- it's more fun in the Philippines :)

Forgotten sketch I have made last May. Will be fulfilling this this month.

CALL ME MAYBE is made for LSS. Another doodle on Ariel's notebook by c'est moi.

A good way to spend a Saturday afternoon after church.

New found obsession.. DENIM tops from thrift shop :)

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