July 15, 2012

New dibs

Flats- Solemate (SM Department Store) | Blouses- Divisoria

Yow! I am still alive y'all!
Can't think of anything to post lately plus school is keeping me busy which makes my mind idle for my creating a blog post. Nuff said.

So I went on a (controlled) shopping yesterday and I was with my boyfriend/ style guru/ clown.
I've planned this shopping spree a month ago, so I am super prepared in spending big time. LOL.
Originally, my plan was to go to the Super Sale Bazaar in WTC.
I've really saved up for the mid-year sale in WTC but since I'm trying to be practical already 'cause I want to be (sort of) independent already when it comes to my spending, I've decided (last minute decision) not to go to the bazaar though I have free tickets. Swear I will not miss the Super Sale Bazaar on December. Swear.
So instead, we just went to our (supposed) 2nd stop, Divisoria.
I've bought some supplies and bought blouses which I am so proud of. LOL. 'Cause it doesn't cost me more than Php500.
I will surely go back there on August to buy some supplies again and to buy some bottoms and the Melissa knock offs that looks like Cinderella's shoes.
Afterwards, we rushed into SM North and just bought these flats (Buy 1, Take 1 for only Php399).
I only liked the one on the left, it is so cute and lovely. I am rooting for a black flats, but since it's not available already, I was forced to just get another pair so I can avail the Buy 1, Take 1 thingy. I will be selling the floral flats since I don't really like it that much. (too much explanation. LOL)
Bottom line, I still have enough money left. *proud*


-no more to high heels (since I seldom where those I have bought before)
-no more to impulsive buying (it gives me this painful guilt feeling and heartache)
-let go of the negative vibes (I don't need it anyway)
-say hello to flat shoes (this is what I need)
-more clothes, less shoes (I have so much in my shoe rack but less in my closet)
-think before buying
-save before spending
-buy a new pair of jeans 'cause your growing and getting fat LOL

So much for today. Will update you again soon. Surprise!


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