August 25, 2012

Yesterday... all my troubles seems so far away.

Took my baby out for a walk yesterday.
I wasn't able to experiment and was stuck in P mode.

T'was my first time to spend a day alone with these people. Usually, before I agree going with them, I make sure I was with a really close friend but this time I dunno why I let myself to be with them alone. I thought it would be a complete awkwardness, but I cannot hide the fact that throughout the day I have been awkward towards them, well, just a bit.
I was able to be my self "SELF" with them.
I was able to speak out whatever I wanna say and yeah, I enjoyed a lot, I mean A LOT.
Yesterday was one of the best days in my life.
I have been dreaming of having a group of friends whom I can be with in spontaneous road trips, adventures and the likes and I think I found them.
Mom liked them a lot.
I was a little bit sloppy last night and kept asking, "WHY?"
"Why only now?"
"Why didn't I met them 2 years earlier?"
For almost a month or two now, we will be in our separate ways again, 'cause we will be having our 2nd and last OJT already. I just wish, all of us five (JC wasn't in the pictures 'cause he is MIA-ing) will be in one company so I can know them better and so they'll know me better. And I do hope this so-called, umm, friendship would stay for keeps.
No tears.. No.. I will not cry.. Oh God.. *tears*