February 25, 2013

Project X

I am now going for the androgynous x hipster vibes.

Think before you replicate.


February 24, 2013


I suck at the title part, so instead, I just indicated whatever I am feeling right now.

Way back 2009, I don't even know what was I thinking when I sign up for BS Hotel and Restaurant Management.
All throughout the semesters, I was trying to convince myself that I took it up because I love to cook. But fuck that.

I don't love to cook, I just like it. And bitch trust me when I say LIKE and LOVE are two different words. What was my 17-year-old-self thinking back then? 

Sometime in my 2nd year, I find myself in the Fine Arts section in our library and my friends would almost reject whenever I ask them to come with me on the 5th floor, the habitat of CFA (College of Fine Arts). Those who knows me best would always pop out the big question, "Why not shift?" Then I would be left stunned, thinking, WHY SHOULDN'T I?
Well anyways, I am sooooooo late for regrets.

I only have two months left. I can still remember last year, how I am so schmexcited to graduate, how I am so schmeager to work. But now, it is so much different. I can feel my tummy hurling whenever somebody asks me, "So after graduation, what's your plan?" Honestly, I don't have any plans, except that I want to have a break. A smooth, nice break. I mean, come on people, I have been in school for almost 18 years of my life and before I take another years of nonstop fighting to live life, I want to have a break, just a short break. So I can think, mull things over and regroup.

But holy guacamole, everybody was like expecting huge from me. Even myself. I am so much pressured.
Taking a short break doesn't mean I don't have any plans for my life and that I would like to be a bummer.
I want to have a job, I want to earn, I want growth for my career. BUT I don't know how.
How am I going to begin with it. Where am I even gonna start?
There's always that bullshit BUT.

So now what?


February 20, 2013

Wild Child

This marks my comeback y'all!!! :)
I smell FREEDOM.

top- GH
shorts- thrifted/DIY
shoes- online
necklaces- DV
bracelets- DIY

I was too lucky to spot this black hot pants in my fave thrift place where I usually buy my denim hi-waist shorts.
I literally DIY-ed it 'cause it was originally too big on the side part, so I stitched them to fit me. And of course, did my magic of ripping and studding over it and voila! :>

Fancy my hair?
I was too crazy to have it blonde but I still have to wait for a month (3 weeks left since my countdown).



February 17, 2013

Bleached hair, don't care

And hell yes, I finally did the first step to achieve the hair color of my dreams..

All I need is patience.
I wasn't really planning to get it today. But I am goddamn freaking bored so I've decided to give it a shot.
Last night, I was having doubts if I should go for it or not 'cause there are a lot of hair issues I have been reading and hearing. 

"If you'll never try, you'll never know."
(Fix You, Coldplay)

Out of curiosity and impatience, I went to a local salon this afternoon, I am not really planning to get it done there 'cause I barely know that salon and we haven't even tried it before.
Alas! When I saw hairstylist #1 he really did caught my eyes, 'cause his hair is just heavenly freaking awesome. It was cotton candy-ish so I believed he would understand what I want. And yes he did. He knows about ombre so I said, let's do it.
It took around 30- 45 minutes and this is the lightest my hair could get.
I don't want to double bleach in one day 'cause I have mercy, and I still want my hair to be healthy.
But I am really not expecting it to be as blonde as I wanted it to be, like what I've said, this is my first time.
No longer a virgin hair.
I am going to have it bleached again next month so I could achieve the kind of blonde that I need.
And oh, the root of all this shit is because I impulsively purchased Atomic Turquoise online and it'll arrive next month. So I better prepare for it 'cause I am one big hella schmexcited.
Goodbye moolah. Goodbye.