February 17, 2013

Bleached hair, don't care

And hell yes, I finally did the first step to achieve the hair color of my dreams..

All I need is patience.
I wasn't really planning to get it today. But I am goddamn freaking bored so I've decided to give it a shot.
Last night, I was having doubts if I should go for it or not 'cause there are a lot of hair issues I have been reading and hearing. 

"If you'll never try, you'll never know."
(Fix You, Coldplay)

Out of curiosity and impatience, I went to a local salon this afternoon, I am not really planning to get it done there 'cause I barely know that salon and we haven't even tried it before.
Alas! When I saw hairstylist #1 he really did caught my eyes, 'cause his hair is just heavenly freaking awesome. It was cotton candy-ish so I believed he would understand what I want. And yes he did. He knows about ombre so I said, let's do it.
It took around 30- 45 minutes and this is the lightest my hair could get.
I don't want to double bleach in one day 'cause I have mercy, and I still want my hair to be healthy.
But I am really not expecting it to be as blonde as I wanted it to be, like what I've said, this is my first time.
No longer a virgin hair.
I am going to have it bleached again next month so I could achieve the kind of blonde that I need.
And oh, the root of all this shit is because I impulsively purchased Atomic Turquoise online and it'll arrive next month. So I better prepare for it 'cause I am one big hella schmexcited.
Goodbye moolah. Goodbye.



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