March 30, 2013

So much of myself

yeah, whatever.

I was bored and besides I haven't done this in awhile.
Maybe the next time I'll do this is when my hair is completely on its state of mermaid-ness already. Hah!
After I have taken off le braids, instead of mermaid curls, I feel like I have Princess Merida kind of curls.
Anyway, I have been getting a lot of compliments after I had my hair bleached again which makes it more lighter, blondier-ish. I know. My hair is just too awesome for my life right now. Hah!

Well, I have nothing much to blog about. I just got really bored today and just wanna dump all these here.

Promise, I'll find something meaningful to do with my life.

Sweater- thrifted, Sunnies- Forever21



March 25, 2013


Here are the ones left in my closet must have list.
I'm almost there. But these ones are the hardest to find coz I am quite picky with these items.
Ahh.. Come what may.
Come what may.


March 24, 2013


Graduation day is coming by so fast. Graduation wishes are everywhere. I was thinking, what would be the best graduation gift I could ever ask for? Maybe an Instax or an iTouch or a lens or a shopping spree? 

Last month has been very difficult for the family. Mom got into a vehicular accident which causes her right arm to be unable to move, totally damaged to the extent that she needed an operation. After a week, my sister (too) got into a vehicular accident but thank God it wasn't too serious yet it was too traumatic. Whenever the phone rings, I get this chill kind of feeling inside of me, a mini heart attack and yes, I am scared. I would even volunteer to pick my sister up so that I know she is safe. So then, Mom is stuck here at home for almost a month with a cast on her right shoulder which (if I'm not mistaken) was nonsense. Pop is even problematic 'cause the operation would cost a lot. I am quite anxious about all of these. It was too stressful that I wanted to breakdown 'cause I can't believe all of these happened and/or is happening. But we need to be strong for one another and yes, we are and we did. 2 weeks ago, we received a good news and a blessing from up above (God). God bless good people. God bless You, you know who you are. And to those who should be accountable to what happened to my Mom, may God guide you to the right path.

Hence, I guess the best graduation gift I could ever ask for was already given to me. Not an Instax, nor an iTouch but the fact that Mom has undergone a very successful operation and that she's on her way to recovery and anytime soon she'll be back to her normal self. And the safety of my family. Above all material things, family would always, always, always be the best gift God has ever given to me, to us.

Happy Graduation to all Batch 2013! :)


March 21, 2013

What I've learned and what I'll miss the most

I never thought four years would come by that fast.
All throughout the years, I have met new people, I have made new friends, I have dealt with different situations,
I have taken a lot of exams, I have passed and failed, I have been late, skipped classes and I have been a student.
College is waaaaaaaaaaay (it must be a long way, LOL) different from high school and it is so true.
In high school, we are like prisons longing for our freedom. In college, you have all the freedom that you want and parallel to that freedom are the consequences that you, yourself, can only handle.
I will never forget nor deny the fact that I have made a lot of mistakes in college and some of them I regret, and some I don't. And those mistakes are worth remembering.
Cramming is always the best part of everything. Knowing that it is only 1 hour away from your next class and you still don't have answers in your assignment. Classic. The adrenaline rush fires up my desire to never do it again but then it happens every semester and I bet it was fun. Haha.
My college life's dogma was "YOU HAVE TO SURVIVE!!"
And yes, by surviving meaning you have to do everything to keep the dice rolling.
And I can say I have kept the dice rock and rolling. Yeaaaaaaaaaaah budddddy!
I am also proud to say that I was never a lint kind of student. I don't need to be friendly to my professors and all that just so I could get high grades. And I am obliged to say that it is FUN to skip classes, once in awhile. My first year second sem self knows it very well. Haha.
I will miss everything about college except the shitty employees of the offices I hate.
I will miss the library, our hangout.
I will the miss green, green grass of UE-CAL.
I will miss the spacious comfort rooms of TYK Bldg.
I will miss the painted and newspaper covered windows of EN.
I will miss the awfully scented HRM Lab.
I will miss the Multimedia Area where I watch movies whenever I don't want to eat and when I need to fill in some vacant period.
I will miss foundation and college week wherein we cannot even enjoy the perks.
I will miss the low door-ed cubicles in the Gym.
I will miss the Red Warrior spirit.
I will miss walking briskly because I am always late.
I will miss 5th floor, TYK Bldg.
I will miss my seat.
I will miss my friends.
I will miss studying. (Oh yes)

But there's another life outside college and I have all the time that I want to explore it.

P.S. My Grad Pic sucks!!


March 15, 2013

So do you agree? You think you are really pretty?

(Again, I suck at titles.)

I am too happy right now, too happy that I want to hug someone.
Talk about graduation, I am in state of euphoria as of the moment (well, actually since last night) 'cause finally I can really say that I WILL GRADUATE THIS COMING APRIL. Jesus Christ, thank you!
Now the waiting game begins.
Next week, I will be dealing with some school requirements and take that god damn grad pic.
So let's talk about that shitty grad pic that almost all of the FB populace is using as their display pic.
Now, my problem is, do they sanitize their stuff? Like the make up brushes, hair styling stuff?
I mean, there will be hundreds of students from our school who will be graduating this April and almost all will surely be taking the grad pic session and they will undergo make up and hair styling. Can you feel me?
Whatever. I guess I'll just have to wash it off after the shitty session.
And another thing, it costs, wait for it, Php785- Php2,500. What for? For printing? 
I might just avail the cheapest, since I don't think creative shots are necessary.
Besides, I can just do it myself. There goes my DIY thinking again.

But then again,

"I hate all you fuckers, I'm out!"


March 10, 2013

Thrifted Treasures

These are the stuff I got from my latest trip in my beloved recessionista haven a.k.a thrift shop.
I've totally missed rummaging through piles and racks of clothes.
I was never this lucky before when I shop at thrift shops, but lately, I have been scoring things that I really like and have been looking for. Hence, these lovely purchases.
These are listed on my closet must-haves and I am super happy to tell y'all that it didn't cost me that much to buy all these five. *wink*

Here are some tips about thrift shopping:

1. Know what you want.
Planning is the key to success. Going in a thrift shop not knowing what you want is like getting lost in a place that you already know. So I suggest, you list or keep in mind all of the things that you will be looking for.
The more specific, the better.

2. Wear comfy clothes.
Let's face it, their aircon sucks! And much worst, they don't have aircon!
You have to focus your hand on inspecting all the racks not on wiping your sweaty forehead.
And wearing comfy, easy breezy clothes will reduce the time you will be spending on the fitting room.

3. Eyes on the prize, honey.
If you see something that you think is chic or you really like, NEVER LEAVE IT!
Regardless of tip #1, you also have to look out for chic pieces that was not listed on your to-buy list.

4. Prioritize.
If you have set a limit, know which one you can buy first and which one you can come back for.
Like, if you see this awesome military jacket and this sheer top, settle for the awesome military jacket first and just come back for the sheer top some other time.

5. Expect the unexpected.
Enough said on this one!

Well, I hope these'll help you.


March 08, 2013

“I hide behind sarcasm because telling you to go fuck yourself is considered rude in most social situations.”

March 02, 2013

Baby no more

Pop's a photo bomber.
So today is my loser sister's senior prom.
She wasn't really planning to come but since their teachers require them to, she was forced to fall for the trap.
It was funny how others plan on what they're going to wear months before the big day, but us, we dealt with it for a week (almost 5 days only). Snap!
The royal blue dress was from Forever 21 and luckily, it was on sale. Woot woot!
My sister had some wounds and bruises from the accident she got into the other week and I will never allow my sister to expose her injuries. So instead, I thought of solutions. We bought some galaxy tulle fabric and tailor-made it into a skirt/train. Scratches on her knees are now concealed. And since the theme of their prom is masquerade, I thought of lace gloves and good thing the one we bought was up to her elbows. Problem solved. We spent less than a thousand for all of these. Well for the shoes, my sister is not that picky so she opted to use again what she wore for her prom last year. Besides, no one will remember anyway.
Now, let's proceed to her HMU (hair and make up).
Yow bitches I made it!!!
We are both diggin' the heavy side part, so I really studied how to make it and I did it!
I'm a sucker for braids but this time I made sure I will perfect it. Almost.
I'm a bummer coz I forgot to take a picture of it.
Nevertheless, here's a picture of my first french braid. I was practicing it the other night on my sister's hair.
Moving forward.
The make up I did for her is sweet and subtle.
Her outfit was like close to goth because of the black tulle and lace gloves so I plump for the neutral palette to balance her look.
We super loved it! :>
The hair + make up was just too awesome!

W e a r i n g:
Royal blue dress- Forever 21
Black tulle detachable skirt- Custom made
Black pumps- Parisian
Accessories- DV
Clutch- Vintage

Hope you loved it too!



blanc et noir

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