March 02, 2013

Baby no more

Pop's a photo bomber.
So today is my loser sister's senior prom.
She wasn't really planning to come but since their teachers require them to, she was forced to fall for the trap.
It was funny how others plan on what they're going to wear months before the big day, but us, we dealt with it for a week (almost 5 days only). Snap!
The royal blue dress was from Forever 21 and luckily, it was on sale. Woot woot!
My sister had some wounds and bruises from the accident she got into the other week and I will never allow my sister to expose her injuries. So instead, I thought of solutions. We bought some galaxy tulle fabric and tailor-made it into a skirt/train. Scratches on her knees are now concealed. And since the theme of their prom is masquerade, I thought of lace gloves and good thing the one we bought was up to her elbows. Problem solved. We spent less than a thousand for all of these. Well for the shoes, my sister is not that picky so she opted to use again what she wore for her prom last year. Besides, no one will remember anyway.
Now, let's proceed to her HMU (hair and make up).
Yow bitches I made it!!!
We are both diggin' the heavy side part, so I really studied how to make it and I did it!
I'm a sucker for braids but this time I made sure I will perfect it. Almost.
I'm a bummer coz I forgot to take a picture of it.
Nevertheless, here's a picture of my first french braid. I was practicing it the other night on my sister's hair.
Moving forward.
The make up I did for her is sweet and subtle.
Her outfit was like close to goth because of the black tulle and lace gloves so I plump for the neutral palette to balance her look.
We super loved it! :>
The hair + make up was just too awesome!

W e a r i n g:
Royal blue dress- Forever 21
Black tulle detachable skirt- Custom made
Black pumps- Parisian
Accessories- DV
Clutch- Vintage

Hope you loved it too!



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