March 24, 2013


Graduation day is coming by so fast. Graduation wishes are everywhere. I was thinking, what would be the best graduation gift I could ever ask for? Maybe an Instax or an iTouch or a lens or a shopping spree? 

Last month has been very difficult for the family. Mom got into a vehicular accident which causes her right arm to be unable to move, totally damaged to the extent that she needed an operation. After a week, my sister (too) got into a vehicular accident but thank God it wasn't too serious yet it was too traumatic. Whenever the phone rings, I get this chill kind of feeling inside of me, a mini heart attack and yes, I am scared. I would even volunteer to pick my sister up so that I know she is safe. So then, Mom is stuck here at home for almost a month with a cast on her right shoulder which (if I'm not mistaken) was nonsense. Pop is even problematic 'cause the operation would cost a lot. I am quite anxious about all of these. It was too stressful that I wanted to breakdown 'cause I can't believe all of these happened and/or is happening. But we need to be strong for one another and yes, we are and we did. 2 weeks ago, we received a good news and a blessing from up above (God). God bless good people. God bless You, you know who you are. And to those who should be accountable to what happened to my Mom, may God guide you to the right path.

Hence, I guess the best graduation gift I could ever ask for was already given to me. Not an Instax, nor an iTouch but the fact that Mom has undergone a very successful operation and that she's on her way to recovery and anytime soon she'll be back to her normal self. And the safety of my family. Above all material things, family would always, always, always be the best gift God has ever given to me, to us.

Happy Graduation to all Batch 2013! :)


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