March 15, 2013

So do you agree? You think you are really pretty?

(Again, I suck at titles.)

I am too happy right now, too happy that I want to hug someone.
Talk about graduation, I am in state of euphoria as of the moment (well, actually since last night) 'cause finally I can really say that I WILL GRADUATE THIS COMING APRIL. Jesus Christ, thank you!
Now the waiting game begins.
Next week, I will be dealing with some school requirements and take that god damn grad pic.
So let's talk about that shitty grad pic that almost all of the FB populace is using as their display pic.
Now, my problem is, do they sanitize their stuff? Like the make up brushes, hair styling stuff?
I mean, there will be hundreds of students from our school who will be graduating this April and almost all will surely be taking the grad pic session and they will undergo make up and hair styling. Can you feel me?
Whatever. I guess I'll just have to wash it off after the shitty session.
And another thing, it costs, wait for it, Php785- Php2,500. What for? For printing? 
I might just avail the cheapest, since I don't think creative shots are necessary.
Besides, I can just do it myself. There goes my DIY thinking again.

But then again,

"I hate all you fuckers, I'm out!"


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