March 30, 2013

So much of myself

yeah, whatever.

I was bored and besides I haven't done this in awhile.
Maybe the next time I'll do this is when my hair is completely on its state of mermaid-ness already. Hah!
After I have taken off le braids, instead of mermaid curls, I feel like I have Princess Merida kind of curls.
Anyway, I have been getting a lot of compliments after I had my hair bleached again which makes it more lighter, blondier-ish. I know. My hair is just too awesome for my life right now. Hah!

Well, I have nothing much to blog about. I just got really bored today and just wanna dump all these here.

Promise, I'll find something meaningful to do with my life.

Sweater- thrifted, Sunnies- Forever21



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