March 21, 2013

What I've learned and what I'll miss the most

I never thought four years would come by that fast.
All throughout the years, I have met new people, I have made new friends, I have dealt with different situations,
I have taken a lot of exams, I have passed and failed, I have been late, skipped classes and I have been a student.
College is waaaaaaaaaaay (it must be a long way, LOL) different from high school and it is so true.
In high school, we are like prisons longing for our freedom. In college, you have all the freedom that you want and parallel to that freedom are the consequences that you, yourself, can only handle.
I will never forget nor deny the fact that I have made a lot of mistakes in college and some of them I regret, and some I don't. And those mistakes are worth remembering.
Cramming is always the best part of everything. Knowing that it is only 1 hour away from your next class and you still don't have answers in your assignment. Classic. The adrenaline rush fires up my desire to never do it again but then it happens every semester and I bet it was fun. Haha.
My college life's dogma was "YOU HAVE TO SURVIVE!!"
And yes, by surviving meaning you have to do everything to keep the dice rolling.
And I can say I have kept the dice rock and rolling. Yeaaaaaaaaaaah budddddy!
I am also proud to say that I was never a lint kind of student. I don't need to be friendly to my professors and all that just so I could get high grades. And I am obliged to say that it is FUN to skip classes, once in awhile. My first year second sem self knows it very well. Haha.
I will miss everything about college except the shitty employees of the offices I hate.
I will miss the library, our hangout.
I will the miss green, green grass of UE-CAL.
I will miss the spacious comfort rooms of TYK Bldg.
I will miss the painted and newspaper covered windows of EN.
I will miss the awfully scented HRM Lab.
I will miss the Multimedia Area where I watch movies whenever I don't want to eat and when I need to fill in some vacant period.
I will miss foundation and college week wherein we cannot even enjoy the perks.
I will miss the low door-ed cubicles in the Gym.
I will miss the Red Warrior spirit.
I will miss walking briskly because I am always late.
I will miss 5th floor, TYK Bldg.
I will miss my seat.
I will miss my friends.
I will miss studying. (Oh yes)

But there's another life outside college and I have all the time that I want to explore it.

P.S. My Grad Pic sucks!!


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