April 08, 2013

Hey Guys!

Hey guys!

I don't have a D.I.Y. Monday post today.
Went to school earlier to get my toga and it was a riot. A disaster. People are everywhere. It was a live jungle. No organization at all. It was a decent school (supposed to be, we are talking about money here) yet they cannot even afford to provide better service. I know for a fact that they don't handle the toga rental and grad pictorial but they should have set some standards. They should have get a much better group of people who can handle numbers of students and could give proper directions so that students wouldn't be confused.
Graduation is quite stressful. They even changed the schedule for our college. I repeat, I AM NOT A MORNING PERSON. Why'd you have to make it hard for me to graduate? Boohuu!

OK. Enough about this shit. Let's move forward.

So, some people really think that they are high enough after they graduate. Wake up call bitch! You have just graduated! Don't expect to get a high paying job yo! That's the downfall with these kind of people who have worked in abroad already. PH is so much different to CA, man! You must be grateful because right after you graduate, you are already employed. So stop yakking about how low your salary is and how it is not what you deserve. Not happy about it? LEAVE.


I find, digital single-lens reflex too mainstream already. They made it too cheap for everybody to afford. I mean, it is fun to own one. But #photography and #art will lose its sense. I am not speaking as if I was an artist or even a professional when it comes to this field, but I just find it too overrated already.


I have been missing my blogging rush lately. I have ran out of mojo as to Austin Powers' speak.
I have lost my creativity drive. I need inspiration. Even my bread and butter, my pride, my Sunday Dream Shop has been sleeping for quite sometime now. Is this part of growing up? 'Coz if it is, I must say, IT SUCKS! Oh glob! This is so not me. Not me~

I need the beach. Take me away from this four cornered place. Take me.

XX. Lost.

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