April 28, 2013

Less drama, more fun

Hash tag OOTD.

Jack Daniel's top, G
Teal pants, Forever 21
Boots, Kicks
Gold chain necklace, DIY
Spike bracelet, DV

Meet up with le cousins earlier today and I've decided to go for this outfit.
The color of my pants screams SUMMER baby so I've toughen it up by pairing it with my grungy combat boots. 
Loving this ensemble.

As much as possible I avoid drama, I hate drama. It does nothing but add grudge to the problem.
But what's the main problem again? I don't even know it, really.
I can't even understand why you have to make an issue out of such petty things.
We are too old for this kind of shit. We are not kids anymore and it wouldn't help us if we would still fight over
such petty jealousies and simple rejection.
Stop over thinking. Stop making conclusions. Stop dragging us on your personal issues.
Try to pull back and think things over.


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