May 12, 2013


Yes, yes, I am now wearing glasses. Got this earlier today after being diagnosed of having uneven sight/ grade whatever.
BTW, I am updating my Tumblr once a week. Just saying, in case you are wondering why I have been MIA lately.
To summarize everything, I am working already, well actually I am still under training, that's why I can't blog more often.
Also, I have lost my blogging mojo/ drive. I don't know why. Sigh.
Nevertheless, I am back-reading my blog and Tumblr so to observe how have I been the past few months, years and it is
quite amusing seeing my old posts, photographs that has been deleted here in the laptop. It was fun.
Where have I been? What happened to me?
I used to be so fun, inspiring and umm, awesome. 
Reading my old posts inspires me to try blogging again. I never thought I was this inspiring that I even inspire myself to go and give it another shot. 

Me and my hermana are planning to buy an iPhone 4s anytime soon as we complete our fund. 
I can save up for myself  'coz I am already working but she is quite having a hard time thinking how is she gonna do it.
Since she is so fond of fashion like me, she is planning to put up her own shop and of course I am helping her out on this.
We are still brainstorming on what to sell and hopefully, before July this year, we'll gonna pull everything up.
Gonna keep you guys updated.

Also, my camera bag's strap got broken 'coz my hermana accidentally sat on it.
So I am in search for the perf dslr bag. And also I am kinda torn of what to buy first,
instax or lens. Gonna save up first before I decide on that.



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