May 27, 2013


So they're ganging up on me and I couldn't do anything about it but ignore and keep them hanging.
I just laugh it off 'coz really everything is becoming funny already.
But hurtful deep inside, you know.
Let me answer/ reason out/ explain this the tabular way.

~Does defending yourself that bad? I am not a kid anymore and I wouldn't just sit here and watch while people say bad things about me.

~I don't remember me saying such bad things and/ or hurt my cousin/s.

~Well obviously, you've found an ally.

~You really have the guts to tell me to STOP huh? Now tell me who's not stopping?

~How dare you make assumptions and think you're right? Don't tell me those things! Look at yourself first.
Are your practicing what you preach?

~The universe doesn't revolve around you. Our lives doesn't wrap around yours. Yes, we are family but that doesn't mean we should tell you everything that we do, we like to do and what we should do and when should we do it.

~In the end, I am sure, if everything gets fucked up already, I will be the one who will be blamed for defending myself and my cousins, because I have stood up for us, because I answered back. But let me...
Let me throw it back at you. We already stopped commenting and answering, you're the only one who keeps on digging and digging and digging up until everything goes deep. This is supposed to be just a little misunderstanding for us COUSINS, but you get yourself into this that's why it is becoming a huge issue for the whole family.

~I know for a fact that I did not hurt anyone nor disrespect anybody and that I just answered the question that has been asked. Now, if you want any trouble, then you go do it yourself and stop dragging me into this shit 'coz like what I've been saying "I DON'T LIKE DRAMA" and that's all you have.. ever since!

~"I'm sorry, I didn't know you were an expert in my life and how I should live it, please continue while I take notes."

~And lastly, Thank you very much for making me the bad girl of this family. Lemme tell you, "I, maybe bad but I'm perfectly good at it!!" HAHAHA


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