June 06, 2013

Disclaimer: DON'T HATE.

Well, for some reasons, I sometimes find it a little bit bizarre knowing that a lot of people now owns a DSLR.
(Ohh don't hate, don't hate.)
For the record, I am not a professional nor a hobbyist nor an amateur or whatnot when it comes to photography and
yes, yes, I do own a DSLR myself.
Like, I know, we do have different reasons why we do want to own one and why do we have one.
I just can't sometimes fathom the fact that other people would really buy one just to have a descent / photographer-like /
model-ish kind of profile photo. I know, DSLRs have been made really affordable for mass consumption. Affordable, really affordable. ~wink
Okay, so I know for a fact that everyone who likes to have one just for fun/ not really into the real stuff photography runs after the bokeh. Bokeh-- the blurry kind of thing background.
Another, those who would ask which is which, Canon or Nikon. Like, what the hell?! It takes skills not specs.
And that's what I have learned upon owning one. You control the camera, don't let the camera control you.
Photography is so mainstream. Everybody wants to be a photographer. Everybody wants a DSLR and why is that?
Pride, glory, fame, fun or just for the bokeh. For whatever reason it is, well, it kind of suck 'coz the essence of the said art
is dying. 

But whatever, you can do whatever you want people and I will not give a flying fuck about it. So bye. XX

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