June 16, 2013

Instax Mini 8

So this pretty came in mail yesterday. I am extremely happy when I saw that it came in good shape and with films. May I just say how satisfied I am with the service provided by the seller.
The transaction is really smooth and my order came in early than expected.

It was really a great deal. I have been eyeing this candy for quite some time now. And I was really frustrated when I knew it was so expensive than I expected it to be. So I waited. And t'was really true that good thing comes to those who wait. BEHATI.

Originally, I am planning to buy one in Lazada. But the color that I wanted was out of stock.
I said to myself, if the mini 8 in pink will be available again, then it is really meant to be mine.
But out of the blue, I tried checking out Ebay. I don't know why. And on the homepage, there are several featured items and I easily saw the Instax Mini 8 + films and swear it was a GOOD deal so right at that moment, I've decided to purchase it. Scared of course because it was my first time to purchase something in Ebay. The next day, I have sent my payment and the seller told me that the item will be shipped within 5- 7 working days but naaah, it came yesterday and I am extremely happy about it. Two thumbs up for the seller.

It was one of my best purchases in my life (so far).
Have to invest on more films though.


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