June 19, 2013



I bleached my hair again last night. Preparing it for another dye job. Thinking of getting my whole head bleached but then I am too unsure about that idea.

So how y'all doing? Miss blogging too much. I don't have enough time anymore plus laptop is fucked up and well, zero social life. But I have Twitter & Instagram though which saves me from boredom.

Sort of miss thrift shopping too. Payday is kind of slow this month. Or maybe I am just too impatient coz I am almost out of money. Which leads to the idea that maybe I should save more and spend less. Well, I like this kind of life, that I work my butt off so I could buy the things that I want, though a little bit impractical because I am not saving up for the future. I am just too thankful that nobody is stopping me from doing things that I like for my life. Co-workers would always tell me, "You're lucky because you don't have kids yet and that your money is wholly yours." --Like dude, you don't understand how hard it is to think where to spend my money, so don't you tell me that I am lucky! Haah! Kidding. :)

Work is slowly unfolding it's real character. Stressful, pressure-some, tiring. It's easy, yes, if there are no complications but then I guess that's life, nothing comes easy even you are prepared. Few more days left and I will now graduate from the New Hire Academy/ training. It's like facing another chapter, have to deal with different people again, make adjustments and all that. Well.

So my blog pretty became a rant platform already. I swear I'm going to change that and hopefully, create a better post. I know, nobody's interested in my life anyway, so, whatever.


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