July 15, 2013


What are ya meowing at?

I am such a lazy ass blogger but hey I'm here again.

Anyhoo, what's up? Well, I can barely have a life at all but then I'm still surviving, almost gave up though.
So, these past few weeks my life has been a stressful, surreal blur.
I miss the good life. But then the good life before can't provide me moolah to buy the things that I want.
So I better settle on this kind of life besides it is my source of happiness and by happiness I mean shoes, clothes, gadgets and food. The drawback of having a work though is having less time for A LIFE, you know what I mean? Yeah, compared to my life before as a student, I have more time yet no money. Now I have money yet so little time for myself to spend it. This is the reality, people.

But hey! Every off, I find time to spend a life with my bubby. 2 weeks in a row we went out and have a date which we haven't done before or for quite some time now. And due to my sched change ('again' but now it's for good), we might not do it anymore 'coz I sometimes feel like not leaving the house during off especially when it is on a weekday but then, let's see, as much as possible I want to collect memories with this guy because I am missing him too much every single day of my life. ~CHEESE~


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