October 13, 2013

D i v i d e d

I seldom dress up for work. I don't think it's necessary. I don't see it as a runway. You just sit there for 8-hours, so no need to dress that awesome up. At work, I am with my usual t-shirt-cardigan-jeans-flats ensemble which, according to my friend Jay, makes me look old and that it seems like I am going to the market or a student who will just complete her requirements and honestly, that hurts. I usually don't care but coming from a friend, that hits me a lot. Offended.

Hence, it made me decide to spend my Sunday afternoon thrift shopping last week.
I was supposed to buy sweaters and pullovers which are really my thing nowadays or ever since.
But failed to do so coz I was too lazy and the shops I've been too was on their mid-sale already so almost all of the good stuff are gone. When I was about to give up, a rack full of sneaks caught my attention.I know, I know, I just recently purchased a pair of wedge sneakers last August (which I will be blogging about soon, here) and that I should restrain myself from buying another pair. But then, I saw this pair of lovely thick-soled sneakers, tried it on, voila! T'was love at first sight, well actually sort of since I am really planning to buy a pair of all-black Vans classic but they only have it in their lo-pro which is too thin for me, so I guess this is thick enough for me. Meeh~

Meshed sweater- thrifted
Almost maroon jeggings- NAVA Shop 
Divided by H&M Platform sneakers- thrifted
Violet tips- Manic Panic

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