October 27, 2013

OOTD: After Gig Decent

I really feel like an indie singer who just got home from a gig somewhere in Morato or Malate
which explains the title of this blog post.

Anyhoo, I just wanna share my shopping experience last week with my sister.
I am really not into buying stuff in the mall (unless it's my parents who will pay for it. LOL) but then I needed to buy clothes since I am running out of things to wear for work. So we went to SM Department Store, yes I frequently visit the dept store but never buy anything unless badly needed just like this instance. But then I fell in love with it. They really stepped up their game huh, cause they are selling nice and quality yet budget friendly clothes. This top I am wearing here in this photo, believe it or not I bought 2 shirts and it just costs me Php200 (well, cause they do have a buy 3 take Php100 off promo) and they're selling it for like Php149.95 per shirt. Not bad for a graphic shirt lover, eh? Planning to buy more and turn it into muscle shirts and they do have a lot of designs too. 
These pants I am wearing is just too comfortable and it fits just fine in my thighs plus it makes it look slimmer (well, because it is black). I super love these buys and I would really love to check out the dept store more often. I am just too in love.

See my shoes? Yes, yes, never thought I'd be owning one but then I guess shoes are really my weakness.
Bought it online cause they're like selling these in GH for like 10K as if it was a legit Isabel Marant.
I like these because it has different textures like the suede/ velvet plus leather and additional oomph because of the brown-orange-ish sole, it is just really perfect to pull off a grunge yet classy look. You feel me?


Graphic tee- culTure/ SM Dept. Store
Black distressed skinnies- Dollhouse/ SM Dept. Store
Isabel Marant inspired sneaker wedge- Luxury Mall
Denim button down- thrifted


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