December 02, 2013

OOTD: In action

They were serious when they said, "LIFE IS SHORT" 'cause really I barely felt November.
It passed by really quick and the next thing I know, it was already the 2nd of December.
Ohh, Christmas. It's the most wonderful time of the year. Yes it is, when I was still a kid & studying.
For me, Christmas is about family, get togethers, lights, lots of lights, good food, new things and of course, money. That was my opinion before, when I am still a kid and when I was still studying. I just don't know now. I am clueless. I keep on asking my Mom, "Would I still receive gifts?" And she kept on answering me, "You'll be the one who will give gifts now." It is a love-hate kind of reaction. I love it 'cause I'd be able to give which is what Christmas is all about and hate it because you know, I'm still expecting to receive something, somehow. #Immature

Christmas is almost upon us as well as 13th month pay.
Still don't know what to get for myself this Christmas though.
I have never felt this bored in my entire life.

Midriff top- Online, sister's
Leopard print, chiffon skorts- Landmark
Platforms- H&M, thrifted
Printed socks- Forever21, sister's
Chain necklace- DIY

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