October 18, 2014

H&M Philippines

I know it was a crazy idea to go on their opening day. Originally, I am planning to go a week after or  maybe on an odd day or when the hype dies down already but after discovering that they'll be giving around 40-50% discount, I've just decided to brave the crowd on its opening day.
I've been feeling anxious days before the 17 and even had a hard time sleeping the night before the big day. So came in morning of the 17, I woke up early because I would like to be there before 9 am.
I braved the 8 am MRT crowd as well and let me tell you that it was one of the worst train ride because I can barely move and breathe. I arrived 8 minutes before 9 am and I saw the huge crowd, crazy long line of people wanting to go inside the mall and a separate (longer) line for H&M.
I waited right in front of the mall's entrance assuming that I can still go inside the shop anyway but no, there's only one entrance for H&M and the rest of their doors are for exit only. Some people even made their own line inside the mall beside the barricade (I am actually one of them) and then securities kept on telling us that there's only one line which starts outside, on the parking lot area. I tried to but nope, I am, in no way, gonna brave that thousands of people. I almost gave up and just decide to visit some other time, so we went on to other shops to another and just see what we can buy. I must say, I am really quite disappointed because I am really expecting that I would be able to buy the basics that I need and I am really saving that part of my money for that day. So it's like my tummy is so upset and I am in no mood to buy stuff from other shop. Silly. I know.

Moving forward, me and my friend decided to go back to the Mega Fashion Hall and see if the people lining up subsided because it was already past lunch time. And yes it did, so even if the line is still kind of long, I've decided to just give it a try, besides the line is moving anyway.
We went a bit giddy when we are almost inside, like a child falling in line for a carousel ride.
And we made it in after a 10-minute waiting time. We went straight to the basics, which is just nearby the main entrance and shoes which is on the middle part of the store. I really felt disappointed because I was not able to enjoy the shopping experience 'cause there are a lot of people everywhere.

H&M's shoes are divine. That's what I love about their shop, even before, I always check out their website and attempted to purchase once. Heh. I also loved the  H&M Basics and Divided Basics. I was not able to check out (that much) the denim/ pants section because there are just a lot of people on that part because the fitting room is near that area. So, I am really disappointed because I am really expecting to score a pair of new pants yesterday. 

Anyhow, it has been one hella tiring day and I will charge this to my experience.
But I will definitely go back some other time and see if I can score the pants I'm eyeing on their website.



July 14, 2014

D.I.Y. Monday: Stone Pendant Necklace

Hey! After a year, here's another DIY post for y'all.

Wire wrapped stone or quartz pendants, yes. You know this. I have been seeing these in Instagram (and I know you do to). It looks easy peasy to make one and yes, I agree but finding the materials is such a pain in the A (specifically the quartz) cause you cannot buy a piece, it is always in bulk and in just one color.

I don't know what to say anymore, so without any further ado, let's go ahead and give it a try.


again, adding charms is just an option.

So in this part, I'll just put the link of the Youtube tutorial I used as a guide in doing the wire wrapping step.


I kind of experimented a bit so instead of using chain, I just used a leather cord. So that will be up to you as well.

So, yeah, that's it.
This is also a nice gift idea for your girl friends or relatives, regardless of the age.
You can also use it to make a boring outfit interesting.

Oh, BTW, I know y'all be asking where I got the stones/ quartz, Greenhills jewelry area, there's plenty in there but mmm expensive cause like what I've mentioned, you cannot buy it per piece.

That's all!


July 13, 2014

Life Lately

In has been awhile..

I thought I lost this blog because due to the number of emails I have, I cannot even remember anymore what particular email and password I used for this account, but nevertheless, I was able to access it again. Thanks to my notes! Hah!

Anyway, I missed blogging about my thoughts, feels and everything that come across my mind. I don't know what happened to me but transitioning from student/ normal life to working/ yuppie is so stressful and yes, I got a bit lost. I was too preoccupied with all the what ifs and I am so scared because I really do not know where I am heading. That is the exact feeling, I do not know where to go. But hey, here I am, continuing in life while searching what I would like to do and yeah, blogging about my thoughts.

Cutting off the drama, lately, I am ticking off things in my 2014 bucket list one at a time. It just feel so good that I am able to do things on my own (somehow). These are just little things though, not too fancy schmancy. So, first, I got myself a passport. Been itching to travel outside the country and explore other culture and just have fun. So this is my first step. I am now working on the second step, which is saving, saving and saving. Next, I got myself a legit new phone. My 2nd-hand Iphone 4s was acting up so I thought of upgrading though I know Iphone 6 will be out anytime soon but whatever.You only live once anyway and I fell in love with the Iphone 5s. So I bought myself a brand new one. I know right, I never imagined myself being all so grown up buying my own things using my own money that I really worked hard for. It just feel so damn good. Been spending a lot lately though, so I am kinda grounding myself from grand spending too much. I need to recover from the fund I spent when I bought my new phone.

A glimpse, maybe.
Favorite things.
I also back-read my old journals and I am too stoked that whatever I have written before is what I am getting now. It felt kind of nostalgic though. Those times spent wishful thinking and daydreaming. And now, I am living the life. Thank you self.

I am grateful to the universe cause it's unfolding on its own. I just hope it unfolds what I would really like to do with my life. 


February 27, 2014

Review: 3-in-1 clip-on lens


This might be useful for landscape shots or maybe group shots 'cause look at those (hmmm, I can't think of any other words) wide angle. I took this shot with the same distance and just look at the results, I can't think of a word.


At first, I really thought this one was defective because it was too blurry and no matter how many times I tap my phone to focus nothing is happening. Then I tried moving my phone towards the object really close, like 2mm distance and voila! It's too macro!!! 




February 15, 2014

Disclaimer: This is a post (anti) Valentine's day post. So don't hate the player babeeeh.

But let me just start this by greeting y'all a Happy Valentine's Day (it's better late than never).
Anyhow, so what happened to your bouquet of flowers now? Or maybe to the box of chocolates that you received?
Did the little surprise sink in yet? How about the excitement?
*Yow little hater right here*

But seriously, Valentine's Day is like contradicting Beatles' Money Can't Buy Me Love.
Like everything is about the new shoes, or RayBan aviators from your lovey dovey.
On the other note, it's much better than a bunch of diabetes producing treats or a bouquet of flowers that will dry soon enough and all you have to do is dispose it right away.

Heh. I don't even know why I created this post anyway. Sabaw state of mind. Meep.

February 10, 2014


This is some sort of a mood board that I will be looking up to while working out.
Yes, work out. Can't believe it'll be part of my vocab but whatever I have to.
My legs has gone out of control and it was huge and became even bigger plus I'm tired, tired of wearing pants. I'm tired wearing skinnies and always end up looking like a walking sausage. And I'm tired of people pointing it out every single day.
I am doing this for myself, for the clothes I want to wear, for the confidence I want to gain.


January 26, 2014


Oh my God! I'm such a lazy ass blogger. It has been a while since the last time I have updated this blog. Jeesh.

Oh well!

Hi.. Don't even know where to begin, I have so much in my head right now I don't even know how to put it into words.

Okay, so here it goes. I really want to start of with how my 2013 went, just a quick recap on how it went.
Like 2013 went by really fast, it was like an epitome of the cliche "life is short", well in my own opinion, so to speak.
Wow, like from January 2013 spending days in my OJT workplace, February 2013, mom's accident plus her 50th birthday, being with her in the hospital  and taking care of her while she's recovering from her operation. March 2013, just for fun job hunting or applying online but was too overwhelmed about the quick feedback and so April 2013 hitched my first job, to graduation, saying goodbye to college and school and from formal studying and was able to start work after graduation, so there's no buffer that's why I'm kind of longing for a break from all the stress. Went May- June 2013 pretty much enjoying the training and all that stuff but came in July onward when the real work starts to take place everything became pretty stressful and frustrating and thought of quitting but came November 2013, I got appraised and regularized at work and of course December 2013 was really fun coz lots of money from bonuses and 13th month. Ahh so that was pretty much it, like there's not much of a life but 2013 I was somewhat grateful on what you had in store for me, it was hell of a ride but hey! thanks for the year. Plus, to all the people whom I have met and have been. For all the new things and learning I had. 

So it's a brand new year to look forward to, 2014. A bit scared of the future but whatever, just want to live with the present, leave and forget everything from the past year behind coz it's a brand new slate everyone.
Well I have a lot on my new bucket list ofcourse after, somehow fulfilling my (materialistic) bucket list from last year.
For this year, I really want to focus more on my health and fitness (not really going sexy, rigorous diet and all that, coz I am not that fat, well just my legs, tummy and arms, okay). I want to enroll myself into a fitness program that will just tone me body and to develop a strong core (and stamina) as well. Plus, I want to travel, not necessarily outside the country but at least break free from the city life for awhile. Be more care free, stepping out of my comfort zone kind of thing. I might also look for a new job, maybe something that is somehow related to my field and also I want to look for myself, who I was, what I want, where I want to be (it just sounded like a lyrics from a Disney song). That was it, I don't really want to plan that much (which explains why I don't go gaga over planners and all that sht) coz we never know, just let life happen the way it was made to happen. And oh btw, I would like to make YOLO happen. 

Have a wonderful new year! :)

from my adult self