January 26, 2014


Oh my God! I'm such a lazy ass blogger. It has been a while since the last time I have updated this blog. Jeesh.

Oh well!

Hi.. Don't even know where to begin, I have so much in my head right now I don't even know how to put it into words.

Okay, so here it goes. I really want to start of with how my 2013 went, just a quick recap on how it went.
Like 2013 went by really fast, it was like an epitome of the cliche "life is short", well in my own opinion, so to speak.
Wow, like from January 2013 spending days in my OJT workplace, February 2013, mom's accident plus her 50th birthday, being with her in the hospital  and taking care of her while she's recovering from her operation. March 2013, just for fun job hunting or applying online but was too overwhelmed about the quick feedback and so April 2013 hitched my first job, to graduation, saying goodbye to college and school and from formal studying and was able to start work after graduation, so there's no buffer that's why I'm kind of longing for a break from all the stress. Went May- June 2013 pretty much enjoying the training and all that stuff but came in July onward when the real work starts to take place everything became pretty stressful and frustrating and thought of quitting but came November 2013, I got appraised and regularized at work and of course December 2013 was really fun coz lots of money from bonuses and 13th month. Ahh so that was pretty much it, like there's not much of a life but 2013 I was somewhat grateful on what you had in store for me, it was hell of a ride but hey! thanks for the year. Plus, to all the people whom I have met and have been. For all the new things and learning I had. 

So it's a brand new year to look forward to, 2014. A bit scared of the future but whatever, just want to live with the present, leave and forget everything from the past year behind coz it's a brand new slate everyone.
Well I have a lot on my new bucket list ofcourse after, somehow fulfilling my (materialistic) bucket list from last year.
For this year, I really want to focus more on my health and fitness (not really going sexy, rigorous diet and all that, coz I am not that fat, well just my legs, tummy and arms, okay). I want to enroll myself into a fitness program that will just tone me body and to develop a strong core (and stamina) as well. Plus, I want to travel, not necessarily outside the country but at least break free from the city life for awhile. Be more care free, stepping out of my comfort zone kind of thing. I might also look for a new job, maybe something that is somehow related to my field and also I want to look for myself, who I was, what I want, where I want to be (it just sounded like a lyrics from a Disney song). That was it, I don't really want to plan that much (which explains why I don't go gaga over planners and all that sht) coz we never know, just let life happen the way it was made to happen. And oh btw, I would like to make YOLO happen. 

Have a wonderful new year! :)

from my adult self

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