February 15, 2014

Disclaimer: This is a post (anti) Valentine's day post. So don't hate the player babeeeh.

But let me just start this by greeting y'all a Happy Valentine's Day (it's better late than never).
Anyhow, so what happened to your bouquet of flowers now? Or maybe to the box of chocolates that you received?
Did the little surprise sink in yet? How about the excitement?
*Yow little hater right here*

But seriously, Valentine's Day is like contradicting Beatles' Money Can't Buy Me Love.
Like everything is about the new shoes, or RayBan aviators from your lovey dovey.
On the other note, it's much better than a bunch of diabetes producing treats or a bouquet of flowers that will dry soon enough and all you have to do is dispose it right away.

Heh. I don't even know why I created this post anyway. Sabaw state of mind. Meep.

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