October 18, 2014

H&M Philippines

I know it was a crazy idea to go on their opening day. Originally, I am planning to go a week after or  maybe on an odd day or when the hype dies down already but after discovering that they'll be giving around 40-50% discount, I've just decided to brave the crowd on its opening day.
I've been feeling anxious days before the 17 and even had a hard time sleeping the night before the big day. So came in morning of the 17, I woke up early because I would like to be there before 9 am.
I braved the 8 am MRT crowd as well and let me tell you that it was one of the worst train ride because I can barely move and breathe. I arrived 8 minutes before 9 am and I saw the huge crowd, crazy long line of people wanting to go inside the mall and a separate (longer) line for H&M.
I waited right in front of the mall's entrance assuming that I can still go inside the shop anyway but no, there's only one entrance for H&M and the rest of their doors are for exit only. Some people even made their own line inside the mall beside the barricade (I am actually one of them) and then securities kept on telling us that there's only one line which starts outside, on the parking lot area. I tried to but nope, I am, in no way, gonna brave that thousands of people. I almost gave up and just decide to visit some other time, so we went on to other shops to another and just see what we can buy. I must say, I am really quite disappointed because I am really expecting that I would be able to buy the basics that I need and I am really saving that part of my money for that day. So it's like my tummy is so upset and I am in no mood to buy stuff from other shop. Silly. I know.

Moving forward, me and my friend decided to go back to the Mega Fashion Hall and see if the people lining up subsided because it was already past lunch time. And yes it did, so even if the line is still kind of long, I've decided to just give it a try, besides the line is moving anyway.
We went a bit giddy when we are almost inside, like a child falling in line for a carousel ride.
And we made it in after a 10-minute waiting time. We went straight to the basics, which is just nearby the main entrance and shoes which is on the middle part of the store. I really felt disappointed because I was not able to enjoy the shopping experience 'cause there are a lot of people everywhere.

H&M's shoes are divine. That's what I love about their shop, even before, I always check out their website and attempted to purchase once. Heh. I also loved the  H&M Basics and Divided Basics. I was not able to check out (that much) the denim/ pants section because there are just a lot of people on that part because the fitting room is near that area. So, I am really disappointed because I am really expecting to score a pair of new pants yesterday. 

Anyhow, it has been one hella tiring day and I will charge this to my experience.
But I will definitely go back some other time and see if I can score the pants I'm eyeing on their website.